Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To DIE for.(A Tribute to Heath Ledger)

I was driving listeing to the radio when the newscaster said something about some accounting ledger found dead in his apartment. An accounting ledger? "what are these Nigerians on about now" I thought. Then she said something about BROKEBACK mountain. "who acted that? Jake Gyllenhaal and hum... Oh MY GODNESS HEATH LEDGER". "DEAD? at 28?" I could not believe it. The car was moving to slowly. Where were the brakes again? Where am I? Even more importantly, where was I going? We've all experienced a star we admire dying. Whether its was 2pac, Elvis Presley, Marilyn, Biggy, Princess Di, Aaliyah, Left eye, Barry White, Luther Vandross or even Jam master Jay. But I hav to say, non of them have hit me as much as this tragic death. He was not particularly my favourite actor,I mean if I made a list of my top ten favourite actors he wouldn't be on it. I didn't think he was exceptionally handsome. Lets face it, he was no Colin Farrell, I didnt exactly enjoy Brokeback mountain, I liked the overall concept but not the plot, and im definately not a sucker for an aussie accent. So, what was it? I DONT KNOW. Lets just say there was just Something about Heath. Im moved to tears by the death of a star that shone so brightly. I mourn him for the actor he was, the legend he could have been and the daughter, Matilda, he would never see grow. Goodbye Heath. You left us too soon. We'll miss you.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Deception in HIGH places

I went to the bookshop looking for the my next 'favourite' author. I mean there's only so much James Patterson a girl can take before she turns into Hannibal Lector. Anyway at the store, immediately, one title literarily jumped off the page 'GOT THE LOOK' by James Grippando. I read the reviews. "SENSATIONAL, GRIPPING, I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN, NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR" and of course the one that got me "THE NEXT JAMES PATTERSON". What? How could they compare some unknown to the brilliance that is James Patterson. (Those of you who have seen Kiss the Girls and Along came a Spider and loved it have not experienced 30 per cent of James' potential. I know I sound like a freak right now but trust me, he is that good. Larry King agrees). I had to read this book.

I bought it got home and boy was i gripped. Gripped by SLEEP and the only thing "sensational" about the book were the reviews and of course that little summary or should I say intro at the back.

I was soo disappointed, I read Patterson books in one night during exams but it took me one month to get thru this one. I even substituted this book for my valium meds (lol).

The next time you go the the book shop. Remember, NEVER judge a book by its cover or by its reviews.

Went. Saw. Conquered?

Well, I went to the bloggers mixers and I have to say my expectations were surpassed. I went there thinking I was going to be bored to death. Curiosity was really going to kill me this time. But instead, i met interesting BUSY people who just took the time to update their blog not the general perception people have of "computer geeks with wayyy to much time on their hands" (u know yourselves).
The people there were nice, interesting and very social and if the only blog I have read so far is anything to go by, they have a very real talent for writing.

I do have one concern. Is anybody EVER going to read my blog? I woulda thought people would been posting like the Oprah's website after her show on Nigerians but things are unusually slow. Im afraid my blog would be for "my eyes only".

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Coming clean

To be honest, the only reason I opened this blog is because my sister, Twayne is throwing a blogger's mixer at Number 10 in Lagos on the 5th of January and I want to go. Ive never been one for this Internet and computer craze although I'm studying a combined major of History and Information and half my course load is solely computing and the Internet. I hardly check my mail, im not a fan of facebook and find people who live on facebook just a little sad (forgive me all facebook faithfuls).

Well since im here, I may as well introduce myself. Im Temilola. A lagosian to the core. Although all my university days has been everywhere else but Lagos. I like to believe im an extrovert although my idea of a good time is reading a James Patterson novel in my room ALL day. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy going out but I think I've lost the stamina for partying all night. This old body just isn't what it used to be. Did I forget to mention that im in my early twenties.

I think I've done ok for my first time. See u later.
Do I have you hooked on my memoirs or I'm i overestimating my writing talents?
Let me know. Or not, depending on what you wanna say.